Alex Kempton is technical and/or visual

Lonely designer, 22. WLTM talented team to work with. Skills include jQuery, HTML, CSS (using SCSS & Compass), Photoshop, Illustrator. Also has experience with print and animation. Can juggle quite well and often tries to be funny. London.

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Sticky Sticks

Banner design, brand identity

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A banner designed for a street food stall. Having no logo or branding, I worked with these two young chefs to give their business some identity. The goal was to create something fun with a meaty feel. Nailed it.

Movin' On Up!

Poster and flyer design

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2011 Edinburgh Fringe poster for sketch group Politically Erect (now The One-Eyed Men). Wanted to go for a tacky 70s “Miami” look and feel. The show was about phony “go-getter” pyramid schemers.

Photography by Amy Walker.

Friendship Formula

Poster and flyer design

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2012 Edinburgh Fringe poster for sketch group The One-Eyed Men. All illustrations by me, using Adobe Illustrator.

Photography by Amy Walker.


Theme Forest template

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A single page portfolio template on sale at Theme Forest. Based around my favourite jQuery plugin (isotope by David DeSandro), I wanted to create something innovative and novel. Having seen filterable portfolio sections of websites before, I wanted to take this concept a step further and make the whole site filterable, even the info sections.

Placeholder illustrations by Harry Tennant. Photography by Amy Walker. ‘Porquesi’ music video by Jack Hussey.


Theme Forest template

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An animated vCard template on sale at Theme Forest. The idea here was to put the “virtual” back in “virtual business card” and make it actually flip, so it feels like the real thing. The twist is that this card actually has four sides, because we wouldn't want it to be 100% realistic, would we?

To get the card to do what it does involves the adding and removing of class names with jQuery, animated with CSS3 transforms. It flips in different directions depending on which corner is pressed. To get it to work properly was a bit of a web design riddle that I’m proud to say I solved.

Placeholder illustrations by Harry Tennant. Photography by Amy Walker.



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Okay, I’ll level with you here. This animation was made in 2008, I’ve done little animation since. Flash is like riding a bike though, right?

Ribbon Wrap

Code Canyon CSS effect

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A CSS effect on sale at Code Canyon. I’d seen lots of pure CSS ribbons, but none that were animated! So I set about doing just that. I also created an HTML5 video player using lots of the same CSS, making it compatible with this item.

Placeholder illustrations by Harry Tennant.

Ribbon Player

Code Canyon HTML5 video player

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An HTML5 video player on sale at Code Canyon, with a “ribbon wrap” effect. Uses the brilliant video.js library. This item is compatible with a CSS Ribbon Wrap effect I also made.

The One-Eyed Men Website

Single page show-off site

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Promotional site for a sketch group I’m part of, The One-Eyed Men. The main purpose of the site is simply to represent us in a fun way, seeing as most of our online activity is through Facebook and Twitter. I used it as a way to play around with the latest CSS3 technologies such as animations and multiple backgrounds.

jQuery Toys

Pointless jQuery things!

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These three things were made in early 2011 while I was learning jQuery. They are mostly rather pointless, but gave me a fun way of learning how to use jQuery in conjunction with MySQL databases.

The One-Eyed Men Trading Cards

Printed marketing fun

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Trading cards for a sketch group I’m in, The One-Eyed Men. Given out at the end of shows to encourage people to add us on Facebook. The reception we’ve had with these things has been fantastic, people genuinely want to collect them all!

Photography by Amy Walker.